Frequently Asked Questions

To help and guide you with your navigation in our website kindly refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is Machines2find?
Machines2find is a worldwide marketplace for buyers and sellers of machines and parts for the industry. Whether you are enduser, manufacturer, machinery dealer, trader or consultant, this site enables you to list your superfluous, second-hand as well as new machinery and parts to those people within the industry who are searching for specific machines, equipment and parts.

On the other hand, if you are looking for specific items which may include hard-to-find equipment you can also list an advertisement at

Which countries does Machines2find operate in?
Machines2find is a global platform. Buyers and sellers throughout the world use the site to buy and sell machines and parts for the industry.

How do I create a Machines2find Advertiser account? To create a Machines2find Advertiser account simply:
- click on the “Register” button on the left of the home page
- fill in the registration form (login details and personal details)
- click the “Register” button to submit your registration
- you will then be forwarded to the login page
- login using your username and password

What do you do with the information I supply you?
The information you supply us is only used to administer your access to the members area of It is not used for any other purpose, nor is it viewable by anyone apart from the webmaster.

How can I place an advertisement?
Note: only registered Machines2find members are allowed to place ads.

Once registered, login with your Username and Password. In the members area click on the “Machines” button. Enter the necessary information required in the ads form and click on the “Save” button.

How many advertisements am I allowed to create at Machines2find?
Please see our page “Advert Forms” for the different subscription forms and banner advertising. Click on a product for more information.

How long will my advertisement(s) last?
Please see our page “Advert Forms” for the different subscription forms and banner advertising. Click on a product for more information.

How can I check if someone replied to the advertisement(s) I posted?
You will get a message to your direct e-mail address from interested parties regarding your advertisement(s).

What can I manage in my account?
Once logged in in the members area you can:
- place advertisements in the “Machines” or “Wanted” section
- edit and/or delete your advertisements
- edit your login and/or personal details
- revalue your account
- look into your order history

How can I logout?
Logging out is very simple, you can logout by clicking on the "Logout" button on top of the page of the members area or by clicking the logout button on the left of the home page.

I forgot my password and I cannot login to the network?
In cases when you failed to remember your password, enter your e-mail address on the login page and click on send. You will receive your password in your specified e-mail address. You can now login with your Username and Password.

I didn’t receive my password. What should I do?
If you didn’t receive your password in your inbox, perhaps your e-mail has labeled our (system-generated) e-mails as spam or bulk e-mails. Try to access your bulk, junk or spam folders as our e-mail may have been redirected into those folders.

I cannot login after being approved. What should I do?
It is important to remember that your password is “case sensitive”. This means if you made your password “MoThEr” you will need to keep the capital letters capitalized and lower-case letters lowercase. Please double-check your password. If you still can’t get in e-mail us at and we will get your problem fixed.

Is there a quick way of searching on the site?
Yes, in fact there are two search options. You can either use the search function on the home page or the search function after entering a subcategory. This search tool is on top of the page and you can either select date, manufacturer, country, working dimensions or price.

I cannot find a relevant category for my equipment?
Machines2find has tried to list the most relevant main categories and sub categories. However, we are always keen to receive suggestions for new categories so if you can’t find a relevant category why not send us your ideas to

What means of payment do we accept?
Online Payments - this information will follow soon!

Cannot Find An Answer? Contact the Support Team at